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Imagined Growth Potential

Buy4Value is a Professional Procurement Services Provider and Equipment Supplier. We are a 100% Black Owned and Managed entity established to help your business reach its imagined potential.


If acquiring the right Equipment, Goods, Materials or Service, at the right Quantity, at the right Quality, at the right Time and, at the best possible Price, is key to your business success, then Buy4Value Professional Procurement Services and Supplies can help you maximise your potential.


Dealing with Buy4Value, you are partnering with practiced procurement and supply chain professionals who, delivers good returns on your purchasing activities. Our strategic procurement skills, techniques and competencies unlocks.


  • The value in your procurement spend;
  • Minimising your procure-to-pay costs; and
  • Maximise the return on the client’s money spent to deliver significant savings



A professional procurement services & Equipments Suppliers

We are a dynamic team of professionals who understands, that, each individual business has its core competencies which fortifies their place in the market in which it operates.


Our expertise, is providing a professional procurement services experience that exposes significant savings potential.


Our professional approach, extensive market research and strategic sourcing capabilities unlocks the power of procurement and many more business benefits.


We partner with our clients through:

  • Fostering strategic alliances with our clients and other external stakeholders
  • Assist in achieving maximum return on spend investment
  • Maximize client’s market share through on-going product research to clients competitiveness
  • Maintain a track record of excellent service delivery and commercial support
  • Manage business relationship and transactions to the highest ethical standard

In addition:

We have partnered with original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s), distributors and suppliers of construction and mining equipment, engine and undercarriage components, lubricants, filtration, tools, tyres including decorative and industrial paints. This is designed to improve our client’s procurement experience and savings prospects.

  • Our Value Proposition

    Underpinned by our core value principles these are just some of our strengths:


    • Strategic Sourcing: to enable procurement leverage and best value in the marketplace
    • Tendering: formally selecting the best supplier or service provider for required goods or services through “Open or Selective” tender processes
    • Contracting: Assist clients with the drafting of supply and services related agreements. This may include contracts management and contract maintenance.
    • Spend Analysis: to assist clients in:
    • Enhanced supplier relationship management
    • Improving procurement/buying processes
    • Effective benchmarking
    • Deliver Savings
    • Decrease un-controlled or Maverick Spend
    • Procurement/Purchasing: Source, floating of official RFP/RFQ’s, Tenders negotiate, placing of purchase orders, expediting and payment proposals on behalf of its clients

About the Buy4Value talent:


Our team comprises of seasoned procurement, supply chain professionals and technical resources, who applied their skills with organisations such as Rio Tinto Copper; BHP Billiton; Eqstra Holdings, CASE Construction Equipment and Trans Hex Mining Group based in Cape Town.


Consequently, we are able to offer an all-inclusive Procurement and Supply Solution.

Our leadership team

About Alan

A thorough, results orientated, hands-on procurement professional, with a successful record and accomplishments in the procurement / supply chain discipline for more than 30 years. Alan has extensive hands on experience in:


  • Policy and Procedures development
  • Cross Functional Sourcing Team (CFST) facilitation,
  • Strategic Sourcing,
  • Tender Process Management,
  • Contracts Management and, I has solid, proven skills in
  • High level Negotiations.
  • Service Level Agreement/s negotiations and implementation and management

Alan Petrus | Dip Purch M


“Our processes will positively improve your “bottom line”


+27 82 302 2911

About Keenan

Served his time in the tyre manufacturing and distribution space for a number of years. At the Industrial Division of EQSTRA Holdings, Keenan plied his knowledge in the equipment and parts supply departments. For some years, CASE Construction Equipment enjoyed the services of Keenan as theirs parts front line person. Keenan has built strong relationships with most yellow metal OEM’s. In-fact, he is renowned as one to find any component, or part, for any machine, regardless of brand or age.

Keenan Petrus

Sales Manager

“Whatever the part, deadline, I will ensure that you receive it”


+27 66 183 1729


What exactly does a Procurement Services Provider (PSP) do, or what is outsourced.

The day-to-day execution and management of an organisations procurement sub-processes such as:

  • Purchase requisitioning, negotiating, ordering, supplier on-boarding and supplier management etc. On behalf of its client and for all organisational groups/or departments.


These activities are executed for all material/ services spend categories such as:

  • Administrative Supplies; Big Ticket Items; Equipment and, industrial Supplies; Telecom, IT Hardware, Travel, etc.


Procurement Intelligence

  • Practical market insight that allows identifying sourcing opportunities and risks to be managed.


Strategic Sourcing and Category Management

Understanding the needs to develop best category strategy to driving lowest total cost of ownership through compliance and supplier performance.


Suppliers - On-boarding, Supplier Performance and Relationship Management

  • Agree rules of supplier engagement (how, whom, on what basis, risks considered).
  • Formalise the approval of suppliers and contractors; and understand the kind of supplier relationships that is required.


Other Professional Procurement Services

  • Tender execution and management.
  • Contracting - contracts management and monitoring.
  • Data management and reporting.

Benefits to Clients

Where practical or necessary, we offer an end-to-end procure-to-pay (PTP) solution, thus bringing a professional and entrepreneurial character to your procurement practices. Such solution offers the following benefits to the client:

Transparency through-out the procurement process

Reduced cost of ordering

Purchasing network optimisation

Enhanced exposure to the greater supply and services markets

Formalised Procurement Processes consistent with world best practice

  • Partnering

    Does it mean laying off any of your people? No, absolutely not. As a start:


    • We will conduct a thorough transactional gap analysis and make recommendations that will facilitate seamless integration.
    • We will take on those spend categories that the client cannot manage well with its current resources.
    • We will take on those categories that the client cannot manage at all.

Why Outsource

Consider your answers to:

  • Is your procurement function structured to deliver Value to the organisation?
  • Are key stakeholders fully involved in the development of Procurement’s Strategy and is it aligned with the organisations overall strategy or vision?
  • Is all procurement spend managed and controlled through an effective strategic competitive sourcing process?
  • Is due diligence on your suppliers conducted and is their performance measured?
  • Do you have a solid procurement policy, and does the policy drive spend behaviour?
  • How important or strategic is procurement to your organisation, and, are you willing to invest to become and remain world-class?

Ready to start your plan?

How do we start?

We start with “current state” procurement data. This information will accelerate the modeling phase of the outsourcing relationship. Alternatively, based on the clients request, we can integrate the clients personnel into the Buy4Value, however the legalities and costs will require careful consideration and agreement.


Our products

We are a Professional Procurement Services Provider (PSP) providing world class solutions and a supplier of Construction and Mining Equipment.


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